A fun and exciting idea to raise funds for schools, charities, events and organizations - an online auction fundraiser!

e No one lays out money
e Hassle free
e Fun and exciting


An auction date is decided on and participants, parents, student,donors, fans and anyone involved are asked to bring in unwanted / unused goods from their homes. Larger goods can be collected by RAG Auctioneers.

Almost anything of value can be auctioned on an online auction.

From tea cups, coins, jewelry, kitchen appliances to trunks, fridges, couches.

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RAG Auctioneers prepare the auction, and the goods are exposed to 1000s of bidders on auction day. The auction is hosted by RAG Auctioneers and takes place on Bidorbuy, Africas largest auction website.

Contact RAG Auctioneers to book an auction date and organize the fundraiser!

011 453 9562